We are a leading manufacturing of artificial sweetener in Indonesia since 1973 <i>A perfect sugar substitute for a person who suffer diabetic illness</i> Sodium Saccharin and Sodium Cyclamate have the unique ability to sweeten Our Sodium Cyclamate production capacity can reach up to 4.800 MT per annum and Sodium Saccharin can reach up to 600 MT per annum
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Sodium Cyclamate
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
COA (Certificate of Analysis)
Product Specification
NF 13
Halal Certificate

Sodium Saccharin
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
COA (Certificate of Analysis)
Product Specification
Halal Certificate
Kosher Certificate


Sodium Cyclamate

  1. SODIUM CYCLAMATE, dried at 105°C for 1 hour, contains not less than 98,0% and not more than 101,0% of C6H12NNaO3S.
  2. LOSS ON DRYING : Dry Sodium Cyclamate at 105°C for 1 hour : It loses not more than 1% of its weight.
  3. ARSENIC : (3 part permillion As)
  4. CYCLOHEXYLAMINE : (Not more than 25 part per million of Cyclohexylamine).
  5. DICYCLOHEXYLAMINE : (Not more than 2 part per million of Dicyclohexylamine).
  6. HEAVY METALS : Dissolve 1g of sodium cyclamate in 25ml of water, the Heavy Metals limit for Sodium Cyclamate is 10 parts per million.


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