Sodium cyclamate is an artificial sweetener. It is 30-50 times sweeter than sucrose depending on concentration and is stable under heating. It is often used with other artificial sweeteners especially saccharin.

We provide products that can meet the needs of small scale industries. These products are available in small packages for Miki Cylamate. The involvement of QC in the Production process is absolutely necessary, to ensure that our product is guaranteed in good quality.

This product is widely used in the beverage, tradisional food at home industrial applications.


Main  Ingredient	: Sodium Cylamate & Sodium Saccharin
Specification		: Mesh 40
Application		: Street vendor (pedagang es)
Expire			: 5 Years
Product Strength	: 60 times sucrose level
Product Available	: - Miki Cyclamate 10g
 			  - Miki Cyclamate 25g
 			  - Miki Cyclamate 50g